Donna R. Cryer, JD, Cryer Health

Ms. Cryer is a graduate of Harvard and Georgetown University Law Center. She has 14 years of healthcare experience in for-profit and non-profit settings, including the global public relations power Hill & Knowlton. A passionate patient advocate, she has designed and executed communications and coalition strategies in multicultural, senior, and women’s health, cardiovascular disease, and other areas for Top 5 pharmaceutical companies and the largest voluntary health organizations. Ms. Cryer serves on the boards of the American Liver Foundation, Women’s Health Institute at Howard University, and Spirit Health Group. She is a past board member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association at the global and local levels and is a member of the Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation and the Virginia Bar Association.

Read Donna Cryer’s latest contributions to The Age of Personalized Medicine Blog

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