Evidence, Coverage, and Incentives: A PMC/BIO Solutions Summit Conference


Personalized medicine is changing the way medicine is practiced, and how drugs and biologics are developed.  Systemic changes are needed to reflect this and support product development, but current economic, regulatory, and practice disincentives are impacting and slowing development. For example, medical advances often take years to be recognized in clinical care guidelines and cost containment policies often prevent new diagnostics from being priced at a level that supports innovation.

The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) have joined forces to address these challenges. A series of PMC/BIO Solutions Summits will convene stakeholders with the charge to identify and discuss potential solutions to these and other barriers.

The first of this series, Evidence, Coverage & Incentives, will be held Wednesday, April 17, in Washington, D.C. I encourage you to join this full-day conversation uniting stakeholders from across industry as we work to ensure that our healthcare system benefits from all personalized medicine promises to offer.

Specific discussions will focus on:

  • Challenges of reimbursement;
  • Evidentiary standards and data requirement for payer coverage;
  • Clinical guidelines;
  • Investing in molecular diagnostics;
  • Issues impacting market access; and
  • Incentivizing personalized medicine development.

The challenges are daunting, and it will take cooperation among all stakeholders to bring the benefits of our scientific advances to fruition. This summit will work toward solutions to foster innovation in our collective thinking and to identify pathways for improving the overall quality and efficiency of care. I encourage you to lend your voice to these efforts.

This blog also appears on the BIOtechNOW website.

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