FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Rx/Dx Co-Development – What’s Next?


FDA released long-awaited draft guidance on its regulation of co-developed drug diagnostic combination products.  PMC asked FDA to issue a draft guidance on this topic since innovators had many questions about how regulation of these two products together would work.  I can describe it in one word: short.

It outlines a collaborative process through FDA where the device and drug centers will coordinate review.  It reiterates the FDA practice of using ‘generic’ descriptors of diagnostic tests in drug labels and offers some flexibility and examples around products where a drug might be ready to go to market but the diagnostic is not yet.

While the community welcomes FDA’s current thinking on the topic, given the brevity of the document, I wonder if it left much unsaid.

For example: The focus (which will probably be welcomed by sponsors) is on collaboration between the drug and device centers but no details are given.  Also, while the personalized medicine community generally agrees that FDA regulation of companion diagnostics should be risk-based, there is a lot of debate in the community about what FDA means by risk in the case of a diagnostic.

In recent months, PMC has been working with over 100 members to develop legislative specifications for the next iteration of the Genomics and Personalized Medicine Act.  I will provide more detail on this in an upcoming blog entry, but one of the key concepts of these specifications is to “incentivize personalized medicine by creating a transparent and predictable regulatory environment for personalized medicine products.”  While the FDA’s draft guidance issued last week certainly leaves me wanting more, I do believe this represents an important step in that direction.

Nevertheless, our efforts toward this goal must continue. The FDA is seeking comment on the document for the next 60 days, and I encourage you to submit feedback.  We also welcome your participation in a discussion here at The Age of Personalized Medicine Blog by submitting a comment below.  We expect that FDA will continue to expand its guidance in the coming months, and receiving input from all stakeholders in the development, regulation, and use of co-developed drug diagnostic combination products is essential to their success.

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