Aligning CER and PM – Progress on the Hill


The debate on comparative effectiveness research (CER) policy in the House of Representatives took two interesting turns over the last few days.  First, the House released its health reform bill (H.R. 3962) that combined three separate versions.  In the section related to CER, research on genetic and molecular sub-types was added to the scope of work for the Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research, some independence was added to the organization, and some patient protections were outlined. 

PMC sent a letter to House leadership on the bill.  In it, we laud their inclusion of language on genetic and molecular subpopulations as an important step forward for personalized medicine, and ask them to take the additional step of combining this language with a CER bill (H.R. 2502) introduced by Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR-5th) as the best approach to aligning PM and CER. 

In addition, Rep. Schrader sent a letter to colleagues stating his intention to continue pursuing his CER bill as an alternative to the House bill’s CER section.  His letter also highlighted the importance of aligning CER and PM. H.R. 2502 has a similar approach to CER as outlined in the Senate Finance version that recognizes personalized medicine throughout its structure. 

While the CER section is only a small part of a very big bill, the extent to which it aligns with personalized medicine could have a huge impact on continued progress in our field.

By Amy Miller, Public Policy Director, Personalized Medicine Coalition

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